Carine Jocelyn

Carine Jocelyn has an extensive professional background working with diverse populations, staff training, fund-raising and development. Proficient in non-profit management, budget development and quality assurance, she has served as a consultant to various health, education, youth and social service agencies. She has over 20 years of professional work experience and currently sits on the board of directors of The National Haitian American Health Alliance, Greater Brooklyn Health Coalition, The New York AIDS Coalition, and was appointed by Nassau County Executive Tom Suozzi to Nassau County Youth Board’s Board of Directors.

Carine Jocelyn holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Healthcare Administration and a Master’s Degree in Public Administration from the School of Public Service at LIU- CW Post and has earned many professional certifications.



The non profit world faces the same challenges as any industry today: budget cuts, fewer employees and the continued need to provide quality services. Although many nonprofits may not survive, the keepers will strive for innovation and well-run organizations.

In my experience there are a few essentials:

  • A great Board of Directors is a keystone in successful organizations. Board members who understand their roles and responsibilities, take them seriously and act as ambassadors for your causes and goals, are your best marketers.  See Organizational Structures & Strategies

  • Recruiting and keeping talented staff in the non profit world is not easy. Nonprofit salaries may not compare well with for-profit positions, but with fewer jobs available for recent college graduates, you can be highly competitive if you can create great growth opportunities and a good work environment. Re-thinking your employment packages can be a valuable first step in attracting and maintaining the best staff.  See Human Resources and Staff Management

  • Capacity building – the main reason I created CJ Consulting was because I knew the important role infrastructure plays in the growth and success of an organization. The challenge is finding the right consultant that meets your technical assistance needs and at the cost you can afford. With so many practitioners to choose from, it has never been more important to get references or to be specific about the talents you need. 

    And, getting the right technical assistance does not mean the organization is off the hook, either. In fact the process must be taken seriously and the staff must be prepared to partner with the consultant in order to achieve those desired deliverables.
    See Services

  • Fundraising – a lot of folks call it development- I call it what is is! FUNDraising. Research, cultivation, communication, marketing must always have that goal inherent in every task. There is no substitute for staying connected to supporters and committing to a development/fundraising plan.  See Fund Development

“Reality is unforgivingly complex”. This quote by Anne Lamott speaks volumes to the non profit world. The reality is we are facing challenging times, but there are means for unraveling complexity. We would like to assist you in this task.

Carine Jocelyn


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